Business Development is the core service Anoura provides, as the basis of all other services. Its current areas of expertise lie in products and services, marketing, travel, homeware and fitness. Anoura has developed a unique Business Development service for its customers. We think along with our clients how to generate business for a new product, market or a combination of products and markets. Unlike other companies we actually get involved generating sales, creating companies and/or for that specific purpose as an associated company or the creation of new product market combinations.   


A key feature within our Business Development approach is the guidance by the "Virtual Guardian Angel (VGA) principle" which stipulates focus on the customer, who has to be served on basis of trust, honesty, and commitment and through networking and expansion of the number of services can grow bigger. The main focus is to generate business for its customers and to generate new products and sell to new markets. Business can only be developed further by adding value through creativity in which image and colour, are key. We believe that people who create business should be entrepreneurs or people with an entrepreneurial spirit. 


Services - Business Development

Please do  not hesitate to contact us if you want to know how Anoura can help your business to generate more sales. Leave a message in the form below, or send an email to In order to discuss business possibilities directly call our Business Development executive J.P.S.M. Evers on +31 651144895.