Anoura exclusively sells Down Bedding. Click on the link below as to read more about our unique Down Bedding    

                                                                                       DOWN BEDDING 

      ALTENBERGE For Anoura SILVER COLLECTION                                                              ALTENBERGE for Anoura GOLD COLLECTION                                                       ALTENBERGE for Anoura PLATINUM COLLECTION       











Altenberge is a new and exclusive brand, and delivers the highest quality nature duvets currently available in the world. Altenberge products are produced by Otto Keller in Germany. The promise of Altenberge is that by investing in high-quality Altenberge items, a better and longer life can be lived. Its aim is to create a world-class product that will accompany its user through restful nights for years to come. To accomplish this, Otto Keller uses a variety of specialised modern machinery, and combines it with the tacit industry knowledge and capabilities of the company’s staff. This balance between human manufacturing and factory machinery plays a vital role in Otto Keller’s daily production processes. Images of the process and factory of Otto Keller are visualized below.