ANOURA FIT aims to support public vitality and health. Our premium products and services support active lifestyles based on a total fitness approach for an active life.


Grounded in a total fitness approach – the outdoors, fitness equipment, apparel, and exercise are central to our solution. High-quality products and tailored services support the realization of an active lifestyle. We operate globally selling our products and activities. Our products and activities carry a label of approval from O´Coach Fitness. In line with Anoura FIT we design active travel itinerates and provide private guides for active adventures as hiking.


The brand ANOURA FIT is distinguishable as minimalistic, with a clean look and premium feel. Expertise lies in our key business units. We provide the best programmes and products based on continuous research and development (R&D) in order to secure high quality. 


The main target group of Anøura Fit AS is the active individual willing to invest in health and sustain an active lifestyle. Our products and services are designed for active men and women, aged 18-65 years old. Currently, our key clients and demographical markets include China, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. From Norway, Anøura Fit operates globally cooperating with local associates and suppliers


(1) Nantong Anoura Trading Co., Ltd – 南通高新区世纪大道168号通州星源和谐大厦912室 226300

(2) The accredited O´Coach Fitness – 90 Harwood St, Sheffield S2 4SE, The United Kingdom

(3) Anoura Projects BV Laan van Borgele 116, 7415 DK Deventer, The Netherlands


Both our products and services are to be developed and operated in Scandinavia based on pre-orders and reservations once (pre) payments are made, limiting stock.