Founded by Jean-Pierre Evers in the millennium year 2000, Anoura currently has offices and employees in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the Republic of China and currently expanding its activities in Scandinavia. The company name "Anoura" is based on the name Anouk Evers, currently Director of Travel. The company logo has been inspired by designer Piet Mondriaan and tries to portray the colorful life we are all living but at the same time the need to create simplicity and the search for essence and meaning as a basis for creating added value. In line with the vision of Piet Mondriaan we believe the simple things in life are most powerful.


Anoura leads the trend, but also focuses on improving the quality of life. Together with you, Anoura will help to create your own space and find a sense of belonging and comfort and warmth as being part of the family. 


Business & Expansion


In the Millenium year 2000, Anoura – Consultancy Interim BV and Projects BV have been established, as followed by subsidiaries:

  • Anoura Consultancy Interim BV has Business Development as one of its main activities, carrying out a variety consultancy and interim jobs in a wide range of industry sectors. Established subsidiaries and projects are developed in ICT, textiles, and travel. 

  • Anoura Projects BV is a trading company selling and buying on its own account or generates business for its customers.

  • Anoura Company Limited has been established In 2001 as a UK subsidiary focused on consultancy 

  • Nantong Anoura Trading Company has a focus on international travel and trade.

By creating these companies it has created an International network of companies for the benefit of its customers, which can proudly be offered your companies business development consultancy, can participate in your business team as interim manager or can jointly generate turnover.